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Quotes Kathryn - I love your pics of the dogs! Quotes

Quotes How lucky we were that such a wonderful breeder featured her puppies for sale on the internet. Our beautiful black and tan "Osca" is absolutely wonderful - so loving, affectionate and full of playtime mischief. Our 7 year old cocker loves him to death as does our 8 year old burmese cat. Kathryn's dogs have such wonderful tempraments which is an absolute credit to the way they are treated in such a lovijng environment. Thanks millions Kathryn, Phillip and family for the newest member of our family. Quotes
Marj Gleave

Quotes I would like to say very very big thankyou to kathryn and family for our beautiful puppy. He has been a wonderful gift. He has a new friend 4 times the size of him but loves him to pieces. It has been a pleasure getting this little guy, as we lost our corgi in Jan 2012 and I thought I could never get another pet again, but wrong I was. Once again a very big thankyou for our cocker spaniel. If anyone ever want great help in getting one please do not hesitate to get hold of the Irishclan as they have done us proud. We live in WA, and if it was not for kathryn letting us have him we would not have been able to get a real goldern cocker spainel. Thank you Quotes
Annette Shead
A big Thankyou

Quotes I have not had the pleasure of meeting kathryn in person as yet ,but have spent many hours in conversations with her . from these conversations & dealings Ive had with her ,I am convinced Kathryns passion in life is for her family both fur/skin kids she is totally dedicated to the wealfare/love & care of not only her own dogs ,but those less fortunate . I feel honered to have Kathryn in my life & share with her my love for dogs & thier well being . I look foward to fineally meeting her in person ,but from what I have learned so far ,she is a very honest /reputable breeder ,whom i would have no hesitation in recomending to any one looking for a friend for life (dog). her dogs r raised in home as part of her family ,& as her motto states .....LOVE conquers all . sincerly Jana Berg Quotes
Jana Berg

Quotes To all at Irishclan ? just wanted to write and say many thanks for all your kindness and support. Asha is doing well here and she seems to have settled into mountain life easily. All the great work which you had done with Asha and all other rescue dogs certainly pays off. Your home is a family home and all the dogs/puppies are treated as family members with fresh food, water, bed, good health and cuddles and when it is time to find forever homes you ensure that they are only provided to the best homes/people. The wonderful service/work which you provide to Cocker Spaniels and all dogs is highly commendable. From your work as a breeder to providing rescue/shelter, the great comfort and joy which you bring to those in retirement / aged care with Pets as Therapy program and even just providing advice and support to all who come your way ! no distance too far or too near you are there for all providing quality assistance - excellent A+ grade. Quotes
Robin & Asha-May
Highly satisfied customer

Quotes Just a quick note to say thank you Irishclan for having our cocker Sage over for regular play dates, she has a wonderful time and we?re very lucky to have you living near to us. We know how much you love, care for and adore all of your dogs, and in return you have some of the best natured, well socialised and loving cockers around?keep up the great work! PS: We?re hoping Sage picks up some of your dogs behaviours! Quotes
Jos and Clint
Puppy play date guest

Quotes I must say Kathryn has an awesome set up, the dogs are do well kept and loved. My daughter loves going around to play with them, you guys should be so proud of yourselves, the work you do with the dogs is inspiring. Keep up the good work. :) Quotes
Kim Wilson

Quotes Amazing site, and fantastic work with your dogs. I wish more breeders kept your standard Quotes

Quotes Irishclan is doing a wonderful job with recue dogs, its lovelyt to see animals placed in a home that love and care for them. Good job Well done. Quotes
Claudia Cox

Quotes These dogs are really well looked after. Much loved animals Quotes
Satisified Customer